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Your Dedicated Office, Designed Your Way

Custom Designed, Exclusive Managed Office Spaces in any size, with full flexibility to scale up or down as per business needs. Ideal for Companies with 100+ members. Funded Ventures, BPOs/KPOs, MNCs, Corporates.

Why chose a Custom Office with Skootr?


Setting up your own office space is tiresome and it slows down your business growth.

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On an average, it takes 3-6 months to set up an Office space yourself.

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It requires significant upfront costs in furniture & utilities, which locks up your capital.

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With an office comes so many associated costs of maintenance, brokerage, electricity, back up, internet, telecom, security & more.

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You want your own branding & design, which meets your company culture & requirements.

Maintenance Issues

Precious Management time is wasted in ongoing office maintenance issues.

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With a Skootr Custom Office, you can move fast and build competitive advantage for your business.

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With a Skootr Private Office, you get off the ground in < 30 Days.

Capital Growth

With zero set up cost, Skootr frees up your capital to grow your business.

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With a Skootr Office, you pay a single, all inclusive price per seat & no brokerage.

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Skootr designs your office the way you want it, so you never feel out of place.

Work Desk

You get a fully managed work space, freeing you to focus on your work & take advantage of opportunities.

Every Skootr Private Office is Fully Managed & Gives You The Best of Amenities & Support Services

We can set up a Custom Office Anywhere You Need it

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