5 proven ways in which Managed Offices propel business growth

June 30, 2020   |   Written by Skootr Desk
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Over the last few years, commercial real estate has gone through a metamorphosis of its own. The year 2019 marked a period of tremendous growth for the flexible workspace market. A report on the flexible workspace segment from CBRE suggests that the overall real estate stock saw a whopping increase of 60 percent from about 19 million sq. ft. to 30 million sq. ft. in the year 2019 where hybrid and managed offices dominated the overall space take up with an astounding 77% share.

From redefining conventional structures to accentuating the workspace experience with world-class interiors and a plethora of soft services; offices have now evolved into engines of productivity and employee motivation. Also, with flexibility & cash flow being the need of the hour, managed offices are turning out to be the solution for top corporates.

What is a managed office?

A managed office is a 360-degree outsourced workspace solution. From finding the perfect location, to building a fully-customized office space and taking care of all the nitty-gritty aspects of office management; managed office space is breaking the conventional norms of building business infrastructure. By nullifying the accumulated costs of CAPEX, sunk costs, and peripheral costs, managed office operators foster a symbiotic relationship with enterprises where they co-create value with them as their outsourced partner. 

At Skootr, we believe that building and managing offices is both science and art. Fitments, layouts and design can significantly impact productivity and induce necessary motivation in employees. By outsourcing fringe functions to Skootr, enterprises get to focus on core business activities which in turn improve cost and effort efficiency.

Here are five conclusive ways through which managed offices help unlock growth:

#1 The right ecosystem 

Skootr offers an in-depth understanding of the micro-market dynamics and culture economics of the commercial real estate market, which is key to finding and nurturing the right place and workspace ecosystem for the talent pool.

#2 Zero-Cost Setup

By breaking free from the constraints of CapEx, Skootr helps enterprises in overcoming capital blockages. The saved capital expenditure offers financial agility to invest in core activities of the business. 

#3 Hassle-Free Operations

With ready to move-in fully managed and serviced offices, enterprises can focus entirely on their principal operations. With Skootr, they no longer have to worry about processing multiple bills of office administration, like electricity, security, IT, infrastructure, courier services or office upkeep.  

#4 Scalability

Managed offices enable instant and flexible scaling of assets as per the business needs and growth. With Skootr, enterprises can scale up or down as well as upgrade seamlessly. 

#5 Nurture Brand Culture

With community building falling under the purview of Skootr, enterprises get to foster and preserve their brand identity, culture and ethos with community events and employee engagement activities. 

Managed office space is transforming the face of office sector and enabling enterprises globally with necessary tools to focus on their core business objectives without worrying about capital blockages, office management and rigid lease structures. For the 21st century entrepreneur, managed office space is a future that’s already here and smoothening workspace operations. 


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